WWF recognises the good environmental performance of Fedrigoni

Fedrigoni is the only graphic specialty player in Europe to go through this demanding assessment and to transparently report precise measurements voluntarily since 2013 to WWF.
On November 25th 2019 WWF has published its 6th Environmental Paper Company Index (EPCI 2019), a voluntary tool to increase transparency and awareness on how the pulp, paper and packaging sectors can reduce their footprint.
Every two years, WWF invites around 100 of the world´s most important pulp and paper manufacturers to participate in the Environmental Paper Company Index (EPCI) and demonstrate leadership in disclosing environmental information.
The EPCI reveals data on more than 50 indicators voluntarily provided by the companies which allows for the evaluation of a company´s environmental policies, commitments and environmental performance in the production of newsprint, graphic paper, tissue, packaging and pulp products.

The Index scores a company’s overall performance on responsible fibre sourcing, clean manufacturing, transparency in reporting and environmental management systems (EMS). It aims to show a trend over the years for the various indicators evaluated without comparing individual company performance.

This year 28 companies accepted the invitation to take part in the Index, while 56 did not respond or declined to participate. Also, this year WWF carried out a special assessment of 3 companies which did not choose to voluntarily participate, using publicly available data.

The EPCI 2019 participants together produce:
• 16% of world’s GRAPHIC PAPER
• 13% of world’s NEWSPRINT
• 9% of world’s PACKAGING
• 10% of world’s PULP
• 15% of world’s TISSUE

Check EPCI 2019 Results here.