Pioraco up and running again

In the aftermath of the earthquake on 26 October 2016, the team spirit shared by everyone at Fedrigoni and the local community ensured the reconstruction of an historically important industrial complex for the town of Pioraco.

Following model structural reconstruction of the premises to rise again from the damage caused by the earthquake in October 2016 (completed last September), the Pioraco plant in the Fedrigoni Group recently resumed normal production, after restarting the two main machines, following complete renovation of its strategic heart.

The best Italian and European engineering has contributed towards the restoration and technological upgrading of the machine which, following this work, now even achieves even better quality in the production of special papers (including a number of security papers such as those used for passports, as well as papers for sketching, art and high-end packaging) equally flanked by an increase in production capacity.

Other works are underway to repair certain parts of the hydroelectric power plant: the pride of the factory is its production capacity totally powered by clean, renewable and self-generated energy.

The Pioraco factory employs 140 people: paper production has been for centuries the fulcrum and boast of Pioraco, a town of impressive landscape interest on the Italian Coast to Coast trail.

The Pioraco facility is one of the Fedrigoni Group’s centres of excellence. It was almost completely destroyed, fortunately without harm to people, by the earthquake on 26 October 2016 that hit the Umbria and Marches regions.