Fedrigoni Top Award 2019 winners of the XI edition announced in Berlin.

Berlin: Radial System 5 was the venue for final award presentation ceremony for the winners of Fedrigoni Top Award 2019.

The award – conceived with the aim of promoting the creativity and innovation that can be attained through the use of paper – celebrated and concluded its eleventh edition with more than 1,100 projects received from over 28 countries. Small and large companies from Sweden to Australia, Portugal to the Czech Republic presented their works.

The winners were selected after attentive, meticulous work by the members of the Jury, made up as ever by an international panel of experts from the world of design and communication: Simon Esterson of Eye magazine, Frank Goerhardt of Taschen, Hadar Peled Vaissman, Emilio Roccioletti of ERD Design and Astrid Stavro of Pentagram. They focused on aspects concerning design creativity, as well as the new solutions entered for the award, with special attention on product functionality, all with the specific features of the four competition categories: Corporate Identity, Publishing, Packaging and Labels.

The 15 winners – three projects for each category plus one for the use of HP Indigo technology – were joined by another section this year: the result of the “popular jury” which voted online for the best project with over 50,000 likes.

The first prizes in the XI edition of the Fedrigoni Top Award were awarded to: Invitation Acne Studios FW17 in the Corporate Identity category, Robox for Packaging, Valori / Chiamami quando piove for Labels and (Zus) in the Publishing category.

All the winners took part in the large exhibition set up in the Radial System 5 venue highlighting three projects in each category plus one selected from the more than 150 printed using HP Indigo technology, together with a selection of over 70 projects chosen by Fedrigoni.

“This year’s edition in Berlin involved a great many innovative solutions: it is evident that, thanks to the expertise of participants and the development and use of new technologies, the award by now achieves increasingly rewarding results. Paper to all intents and purposes confirms its status as a design tool and the Fedrigoni Top Award once again as a promoter of excellence and an opportunity for experimentation and innovation on an international scale.” Chiara Medioli, Fedrigoni.