Raw Materials

Pursuant to the integrated corporate policy and in keeping with the ethics code of the European Paper industry, which is fully endorsed by Fedrigoni, we only purchase cellulose originating from forests planted in accordance with sustainability outlines, in particular FSC®, in terms of both traceability (Chain of Custody2) and controlled origin of wood (Controlled Wood3). So much so that in 2015, 71% of paper by Fedrigoni had CoC-FSC® mixed certi cation, since all supplies of cellulose were subordinated to FSC® certi cation with 72% of CoC-FSC® type (Chain of Custody) and the remaining 28% as CW-FSC® (Controlled Wood).

Other non-fibrous raw and ancillary materials, such as mineral fillers, dyes, binders, etc. are carefully selected, taking into account their characteristics, to ensure – before, during and after their use – the smallest possible environmental impact as well as maximum safety as regards industrial processes and products for the end consumer.