Fedrigoni Group’s most important patrimony is its employees, collaborators and clients. There are more than two thousand employees in nine countries around the world: people chosen for their effective and pragmatic approach to work, their passion for quality production and their ethics and integrity.

Group personnel implement a Code of Ethics that endorses principles such as transparency, regularity, reliability and correctness in conducting business, especially as regards respect for the environment and safety and health in the workplace.

Overall, about 75% of the stable work-force every year attends at least one managerial or technical training course (excluding technical training on the job), for a total of about 50,000 hours of training provided every year. Safety at work plays a priority role and every year involves more than 900 employees in numerous and diversified activities, thereby helping year after year to achieve net improvements in indicators for frequency, seriousness and average duration of accidents at work, which are constantly monitored for every company and division in the Group.

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