The Group

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Major luxury brands, central banks in many countries, European and American wine-makers, pharmaceutical companies, graphic designers and publishers, directors of major international museums, artists, managers, students and lovers of beautiful things.

They are all clients of the Fedrigoni Group, which makes and sells the best papers and printing media: for packaging, banknotes and security, adhesive labels, high-level printing, schools, art and office applications.

Fedrigoni is a well-organised group with solid roots offering a catalogue of attractive and innovative products ensuring excellent technical performance in all successive processing stages. Stimulating and continual dialogue with customers and an inherent capacity for innovation mean that Fedrigoni can drive the future of the markets it serves.

In 125 years of evolution, we have grown from one to eleven production centres: rational, sustainable and strategic growth has always emphasised research in areas close to our own DNA as well as new and complementary spheres with especially interesting potential for growth.

More than 2200 employees in seven countries, professional and pragmatic management and family ownership going back five generations entirely dedicated with passion and skill to high-level aesthetic and technological paper products; this is the identity card of a Group looking to the future with confidence and enthusiasm.